Angeles Mesa

by Rafael Bustamante

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This album is dedicated to my mother Carmen Bustamante for supporting me in my music endeavors and for loving me unconditionally. All 7 of her children including me went to Angeles Mesa Elementary school. Everyone in the neighborhood knew her. She valued people and was loved by everyone in return. She left us what some people might say "too soon" but I feel in my heart that she wasn't afraid. She had taught us kids everything we needed to know and prepared us for the worst. Now years later we continue to miss her but find solace in the bonds we share with each other and the love she showed us that will never die.


released February 18, 2015

All Songs written by Rafael Bustamante

Most songs recorded at Kens House of Metal by Etay Levy

We Wanted Summer recorded by Greg Foeller at Ocean Studios, Burbank CA

Guitars for Nothing Like That, Only Making Things Worse, Oh These Days recorded at York Recording Studios in Highland Park CA by Tim Moore

Vocals for Nothing Like That, Only Making Things Worse, Oh These Days recorded at Mario’s Liquor Store in Highland Park CA by Rafael Bustamante

Vocal Harmonies on Oh Al by Sara Kelly

Vocal Harmonies on Why Can’t We Live Up to Love by Sara and Kevin Kelly

Mixing by Rafael Bustamante

Mastering by Filip Nikolic at The Castle Studios

Thanks to Roberto, Carmen, Julio, Carlos, Diana, Benjamin, Josue, and Noel and my extended Bustamante and Frias families. Etay Levy, Greg Foeller, Tim Moore, Filip Nikolic, Kevin Kelly, Sara Kelly, Nisara Karnsomport, Brandy Nicole Mejia, Jackie Li, Ron Abrams, Julie Cain, Alexis Rivera, David Garcia, Future Music, Apple Store R034, Skate All Cities, Ariel Alter, Liz Eldrige, Marty Sataman, Gabriel V Martinez, Damon De La Paz, Dena De La Paz, Ch Ch Ch Ha Ha Ha, Sing The Body Electric, Matt Keesan, Josh Keesan, Adam Arcuragi, Cheese on Bread, Dan Fishback, Dibson T. Hoffweiler, Daoud Tyler-Ameen, Christine Gengaro, Cael Marcus Edwards, Daniel Orta, Michelle Wright, Luis Escareño, Art Paz, Ira Alfred Ingram, John King, Chandra Pok, Jon and Josh Lee, Ryen B E Slegr, Alex Marquise, Jordan Steele, Jeremy and Genise Castañeda, Vanessa Wheeler, Tyler Knowles, Robben Fenderson, Roni Levi, Jacob VanOrden, Joesph Aivazian, Joey Zager, Adam Sica, Christian Villa, Jen Miles, Deenah Vollmer, Jordan Steele, Ross Stephenson, Rachel Weinberg, LACC, Ariana Flores Magón, Angeles Mesa Elementary School, Fairfax Visual Arts Magnet High School, MorYork Gallery, The Market, Michael McCarthy, Echo Park Records, Jenny Loi



all rights reserved


Bunnies and Kitties Los Angeles, California

Rafael Bustamante is the heart of Bunnies and Kitties, a collaborative folk act. Formed in 2006, Bustamante's story-telling technique through song involves little and often silly anecdotes that somehow yield larger truths about friendships, love, and life itself. ... more

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Track Name: We Wanted Summer
Be that as it may you're own release
Look at those kissing with sympathy
Bye bye centuries unfold your arms
High time we all agree we need to eat
Before the sun will have its way with us and everything we've ever own
Is cooked and left to go to waste
No funeral just ashtray we wanted summer

Leave out all the traces of the me
Look at those kissing without the need
That's my memory I'm holding on
Bad time we all agree we need some peace before the guns will have their way with us and everyone who's never owned disputes that we aren't on the way and death is just a bedtime story we wanted summer

I was born before you could ever know my pain
I was born adorned with an existing name
On my window
Write it with your finger
To me
Track Name: Nothing Like That
If I have to face the music
I won't let it go to waste
I will plunge into the marrow
and be put in my place
ripping off the uncomfortable-ing
Oh dodge ball for me

All the cigarette burns
stepping on your delicates
there's no country for me
in my 30's

Where is this higher power
I am ready for drinks
from the ocean of doom and gloom
there's no affable moby dick
only tangible sorcery can kill the beast
kill the beast inside me

You believe the unheard's chasing your tail again
that's the bully in me
he's deciding

If I have to face the music
don't let me try to say things
I'm conniving
I take inches, make them miles
I've been leeching with a turnstile
leave them bruising
no caress offering
the outrageous loss of patience
cross between a grin and a frown
cross between us, grin and a frown
nothing like that
Track Name: Only Making Things Worse
On awakening this morning
I get the feeling something's missing from the earth
not a dream but like a dream much is manginess
until I awake and tell all my friends
they've all been reading up on dreaming recently
lucky me
but when I reach for her I cannot seem to reach

Gone away as given to me
what a thought to even think
let alone sing
she isn't healing
my hollow platitudes are only making things worse
and worse
and don't call me friend anymore
no more of you sneaking off to my bed again
you're worse than a bee hive stuck in my head

Going off about something troth
the seams of your words are overwrought
the pulse in your rarely slow orate
it turns
into sleeping pills
into pleasure coming to you in
looking into what didn't work
let alone it

He isn't feeling my mellow attitude
it's only making things worse
My alarm goes off first
yours is sleeping in s 
Track Name: Oh These Days
he's taking on
the form of muscles squeezing
he's trying to bone up on regular sun burn
he loves anointments

the tip of her tongue
was born so ever speechless
that evil in angels is what she's afraid of remembering
I'm better off avoiding altitudes
I need it to cover my implant of butterfly wings

We're waiting to undress skin covering up a mess
rationing brittle steps I've yet to take
oh these days

Here's hoping to last at sea
cursing at the water
with clothes on my body that'd never had chosen me
what really belongs to me is building up a hoard
I'm lucky if trouble pushes a knife through my bubble
if nobody reads from books they can't feel the pages
in third grade I thought if I wanted to starve the artist

While we're waiting to redress
skin cover us less and less
rationing a little shame to put to rest
oh these days

I'm taking you once more to see the doctors
I'm lifting up your shirt to feel your pain
I'm going back in time before pollution
and driving fathers' fathers' car into the sun
the naked right before you isn't wrapped in any foil
what is left over when you are being born
out of this world
Track Name: I'm Doing Well
My dad's been doing the same thing for a long time
my mom just broke out of her shell
they both think the other has a problem
they both think they're ill

I've been changing a lot myself
and I'm proud to answer
when people ask me
I'm doing well

Back to my parents and their illness
their symptoms are that of old weirdness
they can't get along or agree
on most things

Im surprised that they're still together
28 years of pulling and pushing on each others levers
Track Name: Never The Less
I am the boy who wants to be around you

You are the girl who will not be set free

I enjoy the thought of us in rapture

You must enjoy the thought of you kidding me

Let's make noise to come up with band names

Let's use toys that distort our reality

Always a chore, predicting what you're after

Now I am the boy, who will not be set free

The cost is much higher to learn than to play dummy

Even much higher is seeing through what you want from me

Weekends come slowly then pass now it's Monday

and I have to ask myself "how are you honestly?"

Isn't it crazy that she wants to spend time with you 'cause she likes you and not 'cause she's got nothing better to do....

.....she's got a million things to do

But never the less, you're wanting this too...
you're taking the test, you've never had to, but never the less, never the less
never the less
Track Name: Princess Bride Part One
I fear I'll never see you again
but of course you will
but what if something happens to you?
hear this now I will always come for you

But how can you be sure?
This is true love
you think this happens everyday?

I will never love again

You mock my pain
Life is pain
Anyone who says differently is selling something

Please I need to live
can you move at all
move? You're alive
if you want I can fly
death cannot stop true love
all it can do is delay it for a while
Track Name: Oh Al
Oh al
you met me when I was on the ground
oh al oh al
see the pieces of me scattered all
around, what now?
Oh al oh al
oh al oh al

oh al Im in a dreary run around
oh l oh al
my legs have each other so their
safe, their sound, is loud
Oh al oh al
Oh al oh al

I dub you a deserving friend
so lets start a friendship with
a concious end
Oh al oh al
oh al oh al
I just want a deserving friend
I thought I could make one
with you begin
with you begin
oh al oh al
oh al oh al
Track Name: Rogue
Giving you the options to pay twelve dollars
for ten minutes on a five minute break

giving you the option to stay
delve in as far as she could until they
gave her a break

giving you the option from options to take

I think you could take it
I think you could take it back
I think you could make it
but I don't think you could make it back

This is not an option you fake
retched pen is making me rewrite my my own fate
and it's one thing to belong to it
another to be rogue
grow up on the spot
or not

Given you your options for goodness sake
Track Name: Why Can't We Live Up to Love?
Why can't we live up to love

Take time to judge me
I'm not forgiven
I lie so intentionally as I deliver

All alone doesn't bother me
I need the silence
When I hear you callin' me it sounds violent
It's a crying shame to need someone to blame

We think hearts and candy
these too are different
one is sweet and one is handy
but both a given
Nothin' simple should break my heart
the truth is not is not just a symbol

I don't think of my family
'cause they're not just a though to me
but I think of my enemies
think of asking them why